Out of Books

Sports & Games

“A sound body has a sound mind?

Along with academics, Georgian public School gives equal emphasis on physical education and sports. Students are given ample opportunities to actively participate in various games like cricket, football, volleyball, badminton etc. Students are trained under the skilled guidance of specially trained staff and are encouraged to participate at all levels to promote their healthy growth and development.


“Learning through creativity “

Art education not only foresters cognitive ability, critical thinking and verbal skills but also helps to improve motivation, concentration, confidence and teamwork. With this in mind, Georgian Public School provides a variety of art education. Every Tuesday, students participate in co-curricular activities like Music (classical & instrumental), Art & Craft, Yoga, Karate etc.

Club Activities

English, Drama, Quiz, Science, Nature, Malayalam & Hindi clubs operate under the supervision of skilled teachers. Skilled teachers and even experts are brought in to train students for the various functions and cultural activities organized by the school thus shaping the students and enabling them to realize and build their inherent talents and abilities.